Double Pork Roast

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Now that Pixie and Buggies are home for summer, I’ve enlisted their help in running our home. I looked into lots of different chore ideas on Pinterest until I came up with an idea that worked for us. It’s evolved since its inception and I will post the whole kit and caboodle (Ooooooo! Caboodles!!! Remember those from the 80’s?!) in my next post. 


Meyer Lemon Snowdrops

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lemon snowdrop

Okay folks! The last promised recipe. I KNOW I’m going to get some e-mails asking where the Crack Cookie recipe is. It happens every year!


Grinch Cran-Stachio Cookies

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This next one comes to you from the OG when it comes to cookies. A name we all know and use in a pinch…And this is just a dressed up version of her cookie mixes….Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s from good ol’ Betty Crocker.


Eggnog Fudge

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eggnog fudge

Okay, these next few recipes are coming at you fast and furious. I promised them to you by yesterday and I’m obviously running a few hours behind so I’m not going to drone on and on. Straight down to business, folks!


Peppermint Snowflakes

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peppermint snowflake

All I want for Christmas is double ovens. Is that too much to ask for, Santa? Holy cookies! Hours, upon hours of baking these delicious little suckers. I love my kitchen but if it could double in size overnight, I would be grateful. Like, forever.


“Worth the love handle” Cinnamon Rolls

Damn You Cinnamon Rolls

I apologize now for these. There is absolutely no easy way for me to say this. But once you have had these, you may never be the same. You may sleep with a beautiful jar of cinnamon. You may ask for the cinnamon roll air freshener at the car wash. It might even lead you down the dark delicious path of the “cinnamon roll only diet.” It’s all the rage, you know.


Not Your Mom’s G-Man (Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies)

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I keep a clean house. I can’t focus when everything is everywhere….which is quite the challenge with two little ones under the age of 4. So, when I made these cookies, my girls and my best friend’s son were addicted. As a result I’m still finding little crumbs of these all over my house. I can only assume that they helped themselves and created a fallout shelter full of these cookies somewhere with a secret handshake and a “don’t tell the mommies where the cookies are” pact.

I cannot for the life of me find the original recipe. Whoever the fabulous genius was to come up with this recipe….I thank you. As do my children.

Hubby’s note: I’d like to explore Mom’s G-something a little later. I’ll give you a hint, I’ll be the only man there.


Sweet Potato Casserole

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Being raised Hungarian, we never ever had sweet potato anything. I honestly feel that the sweet potato has made a comeback in the last few years. And for darn good reason. This little potato (sweet) is great as a fry, as a side dish on Thanksgiving, broiled on the grill, and really any other way you cook it. And with a hubby who is not a fan of regular potatoes (WHAT!?) we eat a lot of the Russet’s cousin, sweet. For our first Thanksgiving together, the hubby and I had to split time between our two families houses. My mother-in-law asked me to bring a sweet potato side dish. It was my first attempt ever at working with sweet potatoes and it was an instant hit and has been on my table ever since. And alas… it is.

Hubby’s note: Hubby like Sweet Potato. A lot. Hubby like brown sugar and nuts. A lot. Hubby big fan of butter and vanilla. That why hubby like Sweet Potato Casserole in hubby belly. Hubby approve!


The Yummiest Gravy in the World

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This is the gravy featured in my Turkey Milanese. It is also my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I am “that” person, who smothers everything with gravy and then sops it up with my mother-in-law’s incredible Sally Lunn rolls.

I promise this is the BEST GRAVY (HANDS DOWN) ever made on the planet. Trust me. I’ve done the research and the taste testing and there in nothing better than this gravy. Hence its name. WOW your entire family, this Thanksgiving, with this recipe!

Hubby’s Note: Um…yeah. I’m gonna go ahead and agree with the wife on this one. This gravy is ridonculous. This gravy is good on everything. And I do mean everything (wink, wink, nod, nod). I highly recommend making paninis with the leftover turkey after thanksgiving (if you know me you know that everything tastes better in panini form; I’ve even been known to add yams and dressing) and using this gravy as a dip. Calorically, it is an absolute disaster. But taste-tically, (not to be confused with testiclely) this gravy is a masterpiece.


Perfect Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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I seriously LOVE mashed potatoes. IF they are done right. None of this “keeping the skin on with a smidge of butter and regular milk” crap. If you’re going to make them, please, please, PLEASE make them right. So that with each bite your eyes roll back in your head and your tummy screams, “comfort.” (Hey, it better, since the next time you put on your cute-jeans, it’ll scream “why did you eat so many potatoes!?”)

Hubby’s Note: Bless my wife’s heart. I am lactose intolerant, and I can’t stand potatoes. Though I’m convinced this is due to my Irish ancestors eating only potatoes for years. This dish is my kryptonite. I would rather take meals and bath duty for my two girls for a month than eat these potatoes. But every person she’s ever served it to actually levitates from the table while they eat it. I’ve got dents in the ceiling to prove it. So…I guess they’re pretty amazing.