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Knock-Off Orange Julius


Orange Julius

I remember being in high school and going to our local mall just for Orange Julius. It was so cold, frothy and delicious. Our orange tree produces the best oranges and a TON of them. I thought, I can totally recreate the Orange Julius of my childhood. Read the rest of this entry »

Dutch Babies


Dutch baby

Back in 2003 my good friend Kelli got married just a few short weeks before we did. We spent the week before her wedding with her family in Burlingame, CA. One morning, we came down to the most delicious smell. Read the rest of this entry »

Lazy Sunday Omelets


Lazy Omelets

There is nothing lazy about these actual omelets. It’s the Sunday that is lazy. The hubby and I live for our Sunday mornings. Buggies and Pixie come tumbling in sometime around 8:30 AM and they cuddle with us in bed for about a half an hour. Afterwards we plop onto the couch and watch a couple of their favorite shows; Sophia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Doc McStuffins. About halfway through the second show I disappear into the kitchen to start on breakfast. The girls are all over the map when it comes to what they want for breakfast…and what I’m willing to make (do I look like a short order cook?). Pretty much every day, Buggies asks me to make pancakes, and Pixie goes along w/ that. The hubby and I however, prefer a delicious savory omelet.

HUBBY’S NOTE: I highly recommend getting some Chile Oil and drizzling it on top of these things. Ridiculous good! Read the rest of this entry »

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“Worth the love handle” Cinnamon Rolls


Damn You Cinnamon Rolls

I apologize now for these. There is absolutely no easy way for me to say this. But once you have had these, you may never be the same. You may sleep with a beautiful jar of cinnamon. You may ask for the cinnamon roll air freshener at the car wash. It might even lead you down the dark delicious path of the “cinnamon roll only diet.” It’s all the rage, you know. Read the rest of this entry »

Breakfast Berry Salad


This post is going to be short. And so is the recipe. I can’t write some long winded post and follow it with the shortest recipe on the planet.

For a minute I’d like to talk about my beautiful Pixie. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eggs Benedict


I love savory breakfasts. Whenever we go out to eat for breakfast – there is no chance on the planet that I’m ordering a big ol’ plate of pancakes. It is guaranteed that I will order Eggs Benedict every time. The crunchy english muffin, poached egg, smoked ham, the delicious hollandaise and hash browns (well done)…need I go on? Read the rest of this entry »

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Best Breakfast Burrito


Okay, so here is the deal people. It’s W-Day. Yes. Yes, W-Day is Sean and Annie’s wedding day. For which I am making 300 French Macarons for. And coordinating the rehearsal dinner for. And hosting a day after the big day BBQ for. So I’ve lost all sense of reality peeps. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone at this point. This will be my only post this week. I’m SO SORRY! I feel like I’m letting you down. I promise to make up for it next week but right now, it’s 11:26 and I think my bedtime tonight will be closer to 2 or 3 AM time. Wish me luck and I promise to post tons of pics of the big day!

In the meantime, make this burrito for breakfast. It’s delish and if you post on Facebook that you are making it, I might show up at your house looking frazzled with a bottle of champagne and invite myself in for a burrito.
This burrito is a take on my other breakfast indulgence, Morning Glory. The first time I made this was at the Kern River about a month ago and it was quite the hit.

Hubby’s Note: I’m convinced that I could make anything into a burritto and enjoy it. I could wrap a pickle, a carrot, and maybe Thomas the Train into a tortilla, throw some Frank’s Red Hot sauce and guacamole on it and i’d be a happy man. All that being said, I’d much rather have this magical concoction of yumminess in my breakfast burritto than the aforementioned ingredients. It’ll be better on the back end this way too.

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Apricot and Ricotta Cheese Crepes


As I’ve told you, in my previous life I worked for a pretty fabulous international restaurant chain. I was their Director of Human Resources. It was a job that evolved over the years and I was self taught for. I almost felt like Superman leading a double life though. By day: HR. By Night! Cooking. My fabulous Molly came up with the perfect idea of me and Jessica, one of the 4 partners in crime, to start a catering business. And we did. And we were busy. I would spend my entire day processing payroll, dealing with health benefits, employee complaints and what not. By night, Jessica and I would come up with menus and marketing, recipes and recruits. A few months into the business we catered a baby shower at this gorgeous ocean view mansion in Santa Barbara. I’m going to get off topic for a sec. They had these walls in their house with zero texture to them. Smooth as a baby’s…. And then they acid washed them. These walls made this house look like it was floating in the clouds. If I ever hit those 6 little Super Lotto numbers, my house must have those walls. Back to the crepes. One of the menu items for the shower was these crepes. We seriously could not whip them up fast enough before the platters were empty again. After catering that event, I was talking with my sweet (strawberries!) co-worker Alisha who fell in love with these crepes. This is another recipe she’s been asking for and I’ve slacked on. YIKES!

Here is my thought. It’s Labor Day weekend. Four years ago it was 120 degrees and I was close to going into labor. So let’s celebrate and have brunch Sunday. Make these with my Green Chile Breakfast Casserole, serve up a bottle of champagne and let’s call this a relaxing weekend.

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Recipes Headed Your Way


I am trying to release three recipes a week. I wish I could release one everyday but who am I kidding? I’ve got two kids and its summer! Lots of things to do before Pixie heads off to preschool in the fall…. ah! Gonna cry thinking about it.

Okay so here is a list of the recipes headed your way in the next few weeks. If you want to see something added to the list, post a comment! I’m totally down to take on your challenge. Let’s do this people:
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Morning Glory


So, being a parent is one of the most exhausting (but totally rewarding) jobs on the planet. There are times when I am watching the clock like a crazy person counting down the minutes until Ryan walks in the door. And other days? It’s smooth sailing. You moms out there know what I’m talking about, right? Well, on weekends we love to be lazy. Like, grab the kids, bring them into our bed and turn on Tinkerbell (their FAVORITE!) while we catch a blissful 10-15 minutes more of sleep. But once that 10-15 minutes is over, Buggies is climbing all over us. “Mommy? I wannanack.” Translation? Mommy I want a snack. So, I head to the kitchen to start on….Morning Glory. It’s the end all, be all sandwich that keeps evolving and getting better. I had no idea it could do that.

Hubby’s note: The title of this sandwhich says it all. I’m not a morning person. And if it’s Saturday or Sunday morning, you can bet your ass that i’m dragging mine as Friday and Saturday nights are No Holds Barred in our house. For some reason my body/mind didn’t get the memo that once you have kids, there is no such thing a sleeping in. So i stay up late, and pay the price then next morning. This sandwhich saves me. It fills my taste buds, mouth, stomach, and head with all that is good in the world, and soaks up all that bad stuff from the night before. Best breakfast ever!

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