The Wedding.

Hi folks! I am reposting this because my macarons were featured in an article over at Style Me Pretty! To read the article, click here!

Wow. I made it. There were moments there that I wasn’t quite sure I would actually make it to the other side of Sean and Annie’s wedding (Henceforth known as Seannie). It all started off with the macarons. Oh, how those lovely little sandwich cookies kept me up nights pulling my hair out by the fistfull. But, alas!! They were finished on the morning of the un-rehearsal dinner. I packaged them up and sent those complicated little bastards back to the fridge to wait to be delivered to the wedding, the next day.

Now that Wedding Panic Mode had passed, I had to move into “Un-Rehearsal Dinner Panic Mode” (Note, the Un-Rehearsal Dinner which was so named for the lack of a rehearsal to be had there, actually turned into a Rehearsal Dinner after it was not, before it was again…I need a drink). I was off to Brentwood to help set-up, prepare and make beautiful the Un-Rehearsal Dinner with Ry and my in-laws. We got it done and I was a much happier girl by about 8pm with a margarita in hand and two cheese enchiladas in my belly. Version number 4 of the slideshow we put together was not exactly the way I wanted it but at some point you just have to let things go and move on! After packing up, then getting home and unpacking, then winding down with a Manhattan (YUMMY!) we got to bed around 2 AM.

Friday morning was here before my exhausted body could comprehend, then I was into Mommy Taxi mode. Drop Pixie at school. Drop macarons at in-laws. Pick up hubby. Drop off hubby. Drop off Buggies. Make-up Mommy! Pick up Buggies. One quick emotional crying outburst! Pick up Pixie. Home! Stuff food into children. Buggies, “shhhh sweet girl, take a nap!” Pixie, Sister-in-law, me – Hair styling please! Hubby forgot his tie. SHIT. Rushing to the wedding (we’re late!!). Traffic. Construction. Are you F#@&%^$ kidding me right now?!?!? Change Buggies in parking lot. Tell Pixie her feet are fine and I don’t care how bad they hurt – YOU’RE WEARING THE SHOES THE BRIDE PICKED OUT for Pete’s Sake!! Shuttle to ceremony. Need cocktail. Places everyone! Grandparents seated. Parents escorted in. Adorable Carter (the ringbearer) running down the aisle. Buggies crying before walking down the aisle. Ry, baiting her the rest of the way with jelly beans in his hand, “Heeeere, Buggy Buggies!”. Really need a cocktail. Pixie smiling and holding her sign proudly. Me – crying! Stand up everyone, here comes the beautiful bride. Swoon…..she’s stunning. Sean’s knees are buckling. Keep feeding my girls jelly beans to keep them quiet. Reading. Vows. Rings. You may kiss the bride! Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Annie Gesell!! Uncontrollable sobbing. Get this mama a delicious cocktail please.

Off to eating, dancing and drinking. It’s time to celebrate people. Here are my macarons on display. They didn’t even make it through dinner before they were all polished off. The bride and groom didn’t even get to have one! Shame on you people! Now I have to bake them their own special batch when they get back from Bora Bora!

Congratulations to my amazing Brother-in-law and my new Sister-in-law! And thank you to all of the amazing family that came in from out of town for the wedding. We’ll see you in May for Kellie’s wedding! I should be rested up by then…


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    October 12, 2011

    G.O.G. forever!!!! It was the perfect event…and the macarons were amazing! I’ll help you make the new Mr. and Mrs. G a new batch : ) Sorry, Jess, they were just so amazing! But, I actually only had one, so I’m not all to blame : )

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    Jessica Waters
    November 3, 2011

    Good thing I didn’t spot them at the wedding considering I ate about 7 from there Bora Bora batch

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